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Nicolas Petton 27c50cb96b Replace ekiga with linphone 11 hours ago
HyperSpec cc51f248e7 Lisp settings 2 years ago
emacs-js @ 98f6920fd9 4edc8ca1f9 update emacs-js 3 days ago
ftgp @ c9f5d4204c eb5ff820a2 update submodules 2 weeks ago
hosts a0ecbcd8bc Remove duplicate 2 weeks ago
init 4116de0d0d Fix init-eshell.el 3 days ago
local-packages 27c50cb96b Replace ekiga with linphone 11 hours ago
site-lisp 3deaf5d16a update packages 4 months ago
snippets d8e2cc5a94 cleanup 5 months ago
.gitignore 2ddc86deb6 org and ivy settings 1 year ago
.gitmodules 32360045ec update submodule 2 months ago
.mc-lists.el 42e1b33d32 Use node & npm from nvm 1 month ago
.projectile 926efebafd .projectile file 3 years ago
README 87cc9e9e69 readme 4 years ago
abbrev_defs 92e8a73c9b update dired and yasnippets settings 5 months ago
ctags f227224f02 various changes 2 years ago
custom.el 85078fedc3 Don't install buffer-watcher (not yet on MELPA) 3 days ago
init.el b185a70cdc load ftgp-dir last 5 months ago
runner-conf.el 9a5e57c60b various changes 1 year ago


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